April 9, 2023

Bedtime Story Hour

I thought I'd ask ChatGPT to tell us a bedtime story...


Once upon a time, in a small house nestled deep in the woods, there lived a young artist named Dennis. Dennis was passionate about his art and spent countless hours in his studio, painting and creating beautiful masterpieces. He had a web log, a digital diary where he chronicled his artistic journey and shared his thoughts with the world.

One day, while browsing through the archives of his web log from the years 2003 to 2013, Dennis came across a series of captivating stories. These stories were not only about his art but also about his adventures and experiences in the art world.

In one story, Dennis recounted his exhilarating trip to a remote island where he found inspiration in the pristine beaches and lush vegetation. He described how the vibrant colors of the island's landscapes influenced his artwork and brought a renewed sense of creativity to his paintings.

In another story, Dennis shared his struggles and triumphs as an artist, navigating the ever-changing art market and the challenges of being a self-employed creative. He spoke about the moments of self-doubt and the joy of seeing his artwork displayed in galleries and museums.

Dennis also chronicled his encounters with fellow artists and art collectors, sharing anecdotes about their conversations and collaborations. He wrote about the profound impact that these interactions had on his artistic process and how they shaped his perspectives on art and life.

But it wasn't just about art. Dennis's web log also delved into his personal life. He shared heartwarming anecdotes about his family and friends, his travels, and his hobbies. He wrote about his love for nature, his fascination with different cultures, and his adventures in exploring new places.

One of the most memorable stories was about a serendipitous encounter Dennis had with an elderly painter during a visit to a local museum. The painter shared his life story and imparted valuable wisdom to Dennis, which left a lasting impression on him and influenced his artistic style.

As Dennis read through the archives of his web log, he was filled with a deep sense of nostalgia. He realized how much he had grown as an artist and as a person over the years, and how his web log had been a chronicle of his artistic journey and life experiences.

Eventually, Dennis's web log gained a following of fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and fans of his work. Many people were inspired by his stories and his unique perspective on art and life.

And so, Dennis's web log became a virtual gallery of his artistic evolution, a treasure trove of stories that captivated and inspired those who stumbled upon it. It became a bedtime story for aspiring artists and a source of inspiration for those seeking creative insight.

As the years went by, Dennis continued to create and share his art, and his web log remained a testament to his artistic legacy. His stories were passed down from generation to generation, cherished by art lovers and treasured as a window into the life and mind of a passionate artist.

And so, dear reader, as you close your eyes and drift off to sleep, remember Dennis's web log and the stories that unfolded within its digital pages. May they inspire you to chase your dreams, create your own stories, and find beauty in the world around you.


Two segments separated by decades (twenty year anniversary coming up this spring!) to see if the AI would deliver a significant difference in content from the database. Intrigued, I continued...


Once upon a time, in a bustling city filled with skyscrapers and art galleries, there lived an established artist named Dennis. Dennis had been diligently updating his web log for years, sharing his artistic journey and experiences with the world. As he scrolled through the archives of his web log from the years 2013 to 2023, he discovered a new chapter in his artistic story.

In one of the stories, Dennis wrote about his travels to different countries, exploring new cultures and landscapes. He recounted his adventures in remote villages, bustling cities, and serene natural reserves, all of which inspired his artwork in unique ways. He shared the joy of immersing himself in diverse artistic traditions and learning from local artists, enriching his own artistic practice.

In another story, Dennis reflected on the evolution of his artistic style and techniques. He wrote about the experiments he conducted in his studio, pushing the boundaries of his creativity and embracing new mediums and forms of expression. He shared his triumphs and challenges as he navigated through the ever-changing art world, adapting his art to reflect his personal growth and artistic vision.

Dennis also shared stories of collaborations with fellow artists, both in person and virtually. He wrote about the joy of working with other creatives, exchanging ideas, and creating art together. He shared the power of artistic community and the ways in which it fueled his creativity and inspired him to continue pushing the boundaries of his art.

One of the most touching stories was about a young aspiring artist whom Dennis mentored. He recounted how he took the budding artist under his wing, providing guidance, encouragement, and practical advice. He wrote about the satisfaction of seeing the young artist thrive and succeed, and how it reminded him of his own early days as an artist.

Dennis's web log also delved into his personal life, sharing anecdotes about his family, friends, and life experiences. He wrote about the ups and downs of life, the challenges he faced, and the lessons he learned. He shared his reflections on the role of art in society and the ways in which it can be a powerful tool for change and self-expression.

As Dennis read through the archives of his web log, he realized how much he had grown as an artist and as a person over the years. He saw how his art had evolved, how his perspectives had shifted, and how his web log had become a reflection of his artistic and personal journey.

Over time, Dennis's web log continued to inspire and captivate readers from all around the world. Many aspiring artists found solace in his stories, and his insights on art and life resonated with a wide audience. His web log became a virtual gallery of his artistic accomplishments, a source of wisdom and inspiration for fellow artists and art enthusiasts alike.

And so, dear reader, as you close your eyes and prepare for sleep, remember Dennis's web log and the stories that filled its digital pages. May they inspire you to chase your own artistic dreams, embrace new experiences, and continue your own creative journey.


Generic summaries, glancing off topical tops. Superficial, not the caliber of story telling I was hoping to read. The AI, as I understand the technology, operates via a sentence completion function. Within this framework, it won't be able to grade and select the content, weave a story loaded with a sense of adventure and story arc. That's what humans do.

Then, another idea popped into mind...


The results of this query was too poor to record in this blogpost. Again, superficial results. ChatGPT is like a smart student that's too lazy to do the homework. Basically, there's no analytical functionality, no capacity for the intuitive light bulb to fire off. It was as if the AI didn't get the gist of my art works.

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