January 26, 2014

HandMaps: LA/NYC


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January 25, 2014



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January 24, 2014

Please Stand By


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January 15, 2014


Drifter! High Plains. Nomad. Tokyo Drift. Flaneur. Set and Drift (a nautical concept). Subject to the forces of nature. Walkabout. Daydreamer. Ne'er do well. Infidel. Dunes. Informal. Wayward pilgrim. Gypsy. Wanderer. Vagabond. Halfbreed. Fly in the ointment. Loner.

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January 14, 2014


"something that I had known before but only dimly so"


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January 12, 2014

William Kentridge at The Met, "The Refusal Of Time"


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January 7, 2014

Happy New Year from Miguel Marcos


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enfolded, hidden

ptg-408-853x1138 copy.jpg
A year ago, I posted this painting in this blog. After William Eckhardt Kohler wrote about it in a Huffington Post round up of gallery shows in the Lower East Side, I thought it would be good to repost the main image of "enfolded, hidden" on the anniversary of its creation.

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Thanks, William Eckhardt Kohler & the Huffington Post

I'm grateful to William Eckhardt Kohler and the Huffington Post for the kind mention of the show at Hionas Gallery titled Drifter that David Rhodes curated and of my painting in a general round up of shows in the Lower East Side.

William started the piece with this paragraph:

We live in a time when artists, curators and galleries are no longer expected or required to hew rigidly to a particular dogma and artistic ideology, to represent a camp and to draw battle lines in the heroic march of artistic progress. Though orthodoxies exist, and while pluralism in art is not anything like a new idea, it seems that this is one of those periods of art when, outside some passing fashions, it would be difficult to identify any dominant movement. There is a great deal of lively and generous work being made and shown today that crosses lines and exists in between historical polarities.

What follows is intended to pick out some examples of "in betweenness" from among the many current group shows. I do not regard these picks as remotely comprehensive of what is on even only view today.

Well, this sounds right up my alley.

You can click here or the image above to read the article.

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12 biggish panels (plus 10 little ones) to be stretched with canvas soon.

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