December 31, 2017

You and me

Lyrics, translated:
You and me, sitting in the courtyard, a moment of bliss.
You and me, two figures, two faces, but a single soul.
You and me, far from the mingling lies, a careless joy.
Neither you are nor I am, we are one with love, you and me.
Searching more information on the musician and the source of inspiration led me here:
"Man o To" originally a poem by Rumi meaning Me and You, Berlin-based artist "Nu" real name Fabian Lamar sings in Persian. Rumi dedicated this poem to his soul mate Shams-i Tabrizi and expressed the adjoining two bodies become one. The size of their love is even beyond our understanding however we see the universality of Rumi in these verses.
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December 16, 2017



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give justice to -the stars-

give justice to -the stars-
Oil on Canvas over Wire/Wood Support

Here's an oblique view:


PTG 549-853x723.jpg

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