May 28, 2019

Divine Intervention

Happy to announce the fortune of being included in a summer group show in Sag Harbor, "Divine Intervention", curated by Teri Hackett! A few months ago, Teri pitched the idea of the show to me at an art opening, and immediately the vision of this piece popped into my head.




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May 17, 2019

Detail: PTG 571


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Detail: PTG 570


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Open, Chrysalis


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Studio Visits: Instagram Compilation

Clockwise from the top left: Garry Nichols, Bob Franca, Riad Miah and John Mendelsohn.

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Yesterday Stephanie and I visited Garry Nichols' studio at the historic Glass Factory at 99 Commercial Street. What a treasure of a building, and what a wonderland of a studio. The immediate thought that came to mind was Red Grooms, the garrulous outsider inside the art world. Pop, popping within source material derived from a particular historic bridge hewn for freedom by a convict (outsider). Ships coursing canvas, leading the eyes, compositions determined by divinatory water witching. Paint handling reminiscent of Fernand L├ęger, Frida Kahlo; horror vacui congestion, muralist friendly Calder populism; a globe united by the childlike wonder (without even a hint of the childish); generous without a fault; a forest of windmills waiting to be seen; simmering intuition and a smile behind the most remarkable mustache. 10 photos are not enough. #painting

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Had a wonderful morning visiting Bob Fanca's studio in the heart of Brooklyn. 10 IG fotos aren't enough to show his range between drawings, paintings, architecture and sculpture; between the pre-renaissance and late modernism; between Philip Guston and Louise Bourgeois (personal stories/connections); between the imagined and the real. The conversation could gone on for days. #painting #sculpture #nycartist

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Had a great afternoon visiting Riad Miah's studio. @riad_miah You know, the kind of conversation that you wished could have been recorded. #studiovisit #painting

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It was a pleasure visiting John Mendelsohn's studio yesterday. A fabulous neighborhood in TriBeCa. Great to see the depth of his work. Serial/Not Serial, Nature and the Handmade, Resonant Wave Forms, Iteration, Painterly-Not-Paint Materials, Super-Sublimated Content, Deep-Deep NYC History, Wild Card... @johnmendelsohn123 #painting

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