October 9, 2020

AIR.CAT L'entremig #2: Galerie Richard Vanderaa

AIR.CAT is an artist residency based in Tossa de Mar, a seaside town north of Barcelona on the coast of the Mediterranean Costa Brava in the heart of Catalunya, Spain. I created it with my partners Gerard Smulevich and Alberto Barcia Fernand├ęz in 2018-19. Due to the worldwide pandemic, we have had to postpone the 2020 summer program to summer 2021. "L'entremig" is a Catalan word which means "in between" in English. In this yearlong interregnum, we are bringing various personalities together with AIR.CAT artists via an online meeting so that they might be able to benefit from the prolonged delay.

AIR.CAT visits with Richard Vanderaa, an art collector and art gallery based in Girona, Catalunya, Spain. Richard takes us on a tour of Catalan Abstract Art from the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

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