January 17, 2021

Adventures With Blender

Adventures with Blender: first real animation via timeline. Brute force ant 🐜 insect energy to discover the answers hiding in plain sight. The key to getting the rigging to work: mapping the mesh to each armature element via specific vertex groups, specifying deformation parameters via tight Envelope Distances. Figuring out the key frame menu required a quick nap to rest the brain. Bruised the shins and ankles jumping hurdles, but the skill set is under the belt. #blendercommunity #monad #animation #neogothic Static form can now become dynamic.

After trying (and to a huge degree, failing) to replicate Gaudi's structural modeling within Blender's physics engine, I became attracted to the gravity fall of the elements. So, here are some elaborations of different structures, some of which weakly emulate aspects of the Sagrada Familia.

As far as Blender skill building goes, the big lesson here was how much the Shader Nodes slowed down the video render. My efforts to elaborate a desert landscape yielded little fruit... for now.

Spent the Xmas weekend trying to use Blender's Physics Properties to simulate catenary structural systems a la Gaudi's inverted string and weighted sachet models. Big learning curve, lots of dead ends, limited results. Pinned vertex groups, active and passive assignments, Rigid bodies and Collision settings.

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