January 2, 2004

Studio 2004

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Yea, it's been a few days since the last post. For reasons yet unexamined, I've held off posting... maybe it was a bit of indecision as to how to proceed... maybe it was some trouble with the last panel of the recent series I've been painting... maybe it was the holidays, maybe it was that I don't know how to write about what I'm doing, what I'm thinking...maybe, maybe...
Well, happy new year everyone. So much of what's coming will be so new for us. Stephanie and I have been talking of the logistics of moving to Spain. It kind of makes our heads spin. Do we stash our stuff in California or Texas? Should we keep our household stuff at all? Should we dispose of things like T.V's and the like which will be antiquated by the time we return? (Sometimes this feels likes a time machine!) Should we try to ship it all to Spain? (A little googling helped us find moving companies like MAERSK SeaLand Containers.) How long can we expect to stay in Spain before we can return to the states? How much can we reasonable anticipate right now?
Meanwhile, we have been to a couple of parties here in Dallas. In the first of the week, we enjoyed a get together held at our landlords (Pamela and Bill Nelson) place. Lots of people, we met many local artists and raconteurs. Tamales, a gift exchange and warm conversations all around. We also had a chance to catch up with our neighbors here in the depths of downtown Dallas, cool people wrangling interesting buildings as home and businesses.

Today, we went to a party at Dee Mitchell's house in a leafy residential neighborhood nearby. A beautiful house and a great collection of art and books. Dee is a writer for Art in America and the Dallas Morning News. A really nice guy with a great dispostion. We hung out with a growing circle of acquaintences who are morphing into friends. We are meeting alot of good people here, and our exit can begin to feel a bit rueful as our affection grows for them. I'm beginning to notice the same people at all these art events, and I note the warm feeling between them that sets them apart from other art scenes.

I wish I had brought my camera to shoot some snaps for you, but I feel like a geek that way. Sorry, but I'm socially awkward as it is.

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