June 19, 2004

Rainy Day

It's raining today, perfect for studio work! I've got a bigger panel here prepped and ready to go.

A good friend Gerard Smulevich (I've always know him as Gerry), a fellow teacher when I was teaching architecture at Woodbury University, Gerry is here in Barcelona to teach a summer session in Europe. He asked me to come by for critiques in Barcelona next Tuesday. I'm excited to dust off my architecture hat and get some crit on! A BCN (that's Barcelona) trip Tuesday will fit perfectly with my need to take the bus South to buy more paint supplies. Gerry might drop into Tossa tomorrow to stay the night... so I've got to find my stride super fast if I'm to get this painting done soon. I've got some good anticipations about how to start... we'll see how they pan out.

But first, let me show you all some pics of this context. First, this here building we are living in:

It used to be a wine processing building, a bodega, back in the day (built 1703 or thereabouts). It was also know as Can Marcelino, and as Tito's Restaurant. The restaurant was at the dregs of maintenance when we bought it (and we didn't intend to operate a restaurant anyway although a few pals enjoy the thought of flipping burgers and serving quesadillas to the tourists here in Tossa), so we scrapped the kitchen and gutted the interior, improving only the bathroom that is on the third floor. Now, we are replacing the roof terrace, fixing the leaks that have broken into the interior. Let's tilt the lens up:


Four stories. First floor, the living room and kitchen with little courtyard. Second floor, a studio. Third floor, the bedrooms and Stephanie's office. Fourth floor, a terrace and a little family room to chill out in.

That's our place here. We are between the church (a block North) and the beach (a one minute walk South). Bars surround us, together with many neighbors. More pics to come, but this is a good start.

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