August 3, 2004

I Meant To Do That

No, this is not an atttempt at a contemporary "Factum I&II". Usually, I work both flat and on the wall. Usually, I end up flat to let the paint jell and skin and hold itself up. This time, I guess I didn't let it stay down long enough.

A recent incorporation of paint spplied and sheared off to reveal large areas. I'll call them "removals". Similar to much scooping and removal of paint, this one is of a kind but different in that it is one of, if not the first acts in such a painting. As a result, a surface is made slick and the monads (the spiny hemispherical elements) will move following gravity.

An accident, and I like it. I think I'll try racing a bunch of monads down a slick removal in the next little painting.


Posted by Dennis at August 3, 2004 10:51 AM

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