August 16, 2004

Meet Nacho

Nachodibujar.jpgNachoTeam.jpg "Lepresente mi amigo nuevo, Nacho"

Permit me to introduce Nacho Arn?, he's Kiko's buddy in a trio of families that hang together for Tossa weekends winter and summer, the third being Xerlo. Nacho and his wife Leslie operate business in the world of motorcycling, motorcycle racing. Their magazine and business is caled "ATTACK".

Thier magazine has expressions interspersed within articles such as this:


They have a little baby girl and a teenager. I will probably botch a description of this world, this being my first exposure to it. My apologies, Nacho! Here goes:

Nacho and his wife not only sell motorcycle parts and clothing (a shop in Barcelona, they rent a place here in Tossa for the summer), but they have a racing team that, from what I can understand with my ability to comprehend Castellano ... in a bar... drinking ...after a day in the sea ... after being sunbaked until you sag from mild radiation poisoning is that he's doing pretty good, winning races. Winning races that is with wreckless young James Dean type lads who care only to win and will do anything it takes because they hae no conception and perhaps an abiding contempt for mortality, all this with the media sucking it up like flies to... to... sugarwater (?).

Sorry, I got all hyperextended there.


They've got a backer for their small team "JoeDarcey" (the combined names of Nacho and Leslie's daughters), an Irishman who made his fortune in gold and diamonds. It seems he's a likeable guy... not because of all the precious materials and all, but nacho tells funny sotries about him.

"El maravilla es una pieza mas de la colecc?on de motos de carreras de nuestro amigo Gerard. Un se?or irland?s al que le apasionan las carreras de motos y que ha querido dar upportunidad a Diego Lozano, piloto trabajador y talentoso.
-fragment of editorial from "ATTACK Shopping", No. 8.


He's the tall guy in the shorts in the photo above. The drawing is Nach?s handiwork.


They publish a magazine from which these fotos were taken. The magazine doubles as a features mag and a catalogue.


Here's some shots of their bikes:


Posted by Dennis at August 16, 2004 9:09 AM

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I don't actually have a particular comment on Nacho - though I do love someone with a family whose livelihood is reckless behavior. It gives all us either-or neurons (nice new combo of neurotic moron) hope.
I am writing because I was looking at the pruess press site and the links and saw you and wanted to say hello.
I am in N. california. My uncle has a little land up here 45 min. N. of SF, right on the coast. Unique mix of hippie town and straight ahead gentrification. There are town drunks that hawk main street and gay hippies who live in the hills and then martha stewarts best friend with a $10 million pad. but it's quiet and beautiful and a good place to call home base while nothing else quite meets me halfway or grabs me by the cajones.
Schlegell and I are corresponding daily and working on a sci-fi tv show that takes place in 2070 in subterranean NY, where computers run a cruise ship prison of human folly and watch us and keep us like pets. Since tv - particularly sitcoms - is a place where nothing bad ever happens but everything goes wrong, it seems like a fun, hopefully funny way to articulate a leisured and monitored utopia. We'll see. If you have any ideas as to a fully computerized, benevolent fascist state where we are pets and computers are omnipotent film directors, please throw over some ideas. I always like hearing what you have to say.
I like you site. It feels like a fawcett with pics and words, running smoothly, with no one dying of thirst and fighting over it. i think the allure and impact of non-selling sites (like pruesspress i hope) is to confuse people with a certain graciousness and hospitality of information. more and more things seem vulgar. more and more i want to figure out and embody the opposite of vulgarity.
i was reading krishnamurti last night and his parable/stories/musings remind me of your writing. at least in that their meaning is arrived, but not ambushed. your site would make a bad soldier - a true compliment in the new DMZ.
anyways, i will go try and write about the future.
i hope you are well.
- Robbie

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