September 17, 2004

Works on Paper

Finally, here are some works on paper I've been thinking aloud with...

These two were painted on supports that were previous scrape offs. I like the red ground, it reminds me of the Greek vases from antiquity, figures in black suspended in atmospheric vermillion.

These were extensions of the open architecture of the last few paintings in Mark M?ller's Gallery: A marblized fling and subsequent srape off, prints, smooges, taps, monads throughout, stomps... the yellow was to bring the tone up key a bit.

This one was a turn away from the open architecture, back to old school with the screed of paint forming the background and what is nearer to drawing to initiate the painting. The figure is more evident here with delineations that give it away here and there. But there is a confusion that is barely resolved by the green stomps. So I tried again...

Here, I discover a way to draw with cut paper laid over sediments of paint, essentially a decalcomania (Max Earnst's term for laying paper into wet paint and peeling it up again... DeKooning did that too, paper as an equal to the brush).

Back to the open architecture thing. I still like the clot and crush of paint, but if I am to see the first marbled daubs, the skein has to be a net of marks and not a clot and scrum front and center.

Posted by Dennis at September 17, 2004 3:08 AM


I have a very nice works on paper by you.
5:00 am Sante Fe, it is a work I enjoy seeing everyday and for some reason after seeing the work I get a smile on my face...... SO it is nice to see additional works on paper. I enjoy reading your blog. dean

I spent quite a lot of time looking at these images last night, and, sporadically, today...Dennis, these images are of an extra-ordinary character, for me, locating an other-world of paint--one that I would never think about or contemplate rehearsing--with its flexibility to speak as personality, a garden, and a commingled concoction charactered both in the terrestrial-up-close and the gaze toward a very far away place. Any plans for your next Tokyo exhibit, I look forward to see the latest work in the flesh.

cheers b.

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