November 21, 2004

Another Progress Report: 11/21

So much has been done since the last jobsite inspection!



Posted by Dennis at November 21, 2004 4:33 PM


I've read this blog back now to november 2003, outstanding! I wish I had been doing this in real time, but alas I've been slow to find your blog. It's always better to follow stories forward into time I suppose...

Anyway loved to see that Soutine was on your mind and Auerbach, and its funny Richter at one point. Is it possible that any painter doesn't have Richter on his mind in some way at some point in the studio?

Also I haven't seen a mention of him but sometimes I see giacometti sometimes, in your doodles and especially in a piece that looks to be on paper/panel in a post titled Joysticks(dec2003) (not sure if that pertains to the painting or not). In the post you speak of the "portrait schema" which I think would be accurate for most of your work, certainly few would fall into the "landscape schema".

Well, this site is now officially bookmarked.

Thank you, Patrick!

I remember seeing the Giacometti's ( a big clan) at the museum in Z?rich. I've seen what you may be referring to in Alberto's work and I was amazed by the murals of his father Giovanni at the Z?rich police station. I have seen what you are referring to in his work.

There was a show of Frances Bacon's paintings at the LA County Museum a decade ago that I first marveled how each touch of paint to the canvas was so discrete and yet all combined in a fusion and frisson. You could count them all.

Soutine was a revelation almost twenty years ago when a paint instructor hauled a book out to prod the fat looseness in my work.

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