March 3, 2005



Posted by Dennis at March 3, 2005 3:12 PM


Hey Steve:

My carpenter Ramon built the crate, The painting is screwed into the traveling frame from behind, no cushioning, yea, I need better lights but... They have a Home Despot here, but it's called "Bauhaus" (identical orange and warehouse layout, the tv is the old tv of the house when we got here (this place used to be a restaurant called "Tito's", we gutted it immediately)...

Ramon was late with the frames, but that's good since the shipper is late getting here. Tomorrow at seven in the evening, arrival time.

I'm taking my time, making sure everything is secure and signed and titled and stuff. I'll pickup the tail of "Last Lap" in a later blogpost!


No hurry or worry with Last Lap. . . focus on the task at hand. I love a good title. Somewhere in a pevious post you described your title process. It really hit home. I collect words and word combinations all the time. Often they are listed in a dedicated spot on the wall acting as an ever present list in the periphery. When the title day comes, it always astounds me when the titles scream out for their partner, or vice versa? It's the final a-ha experience that ensures that the painting can go out and meet the real world.

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