March 4, 2005


Ahora030405.jpg Ramon delivered the rest of the frames by noon, Friday.
Finished installing all the paintings into the traveling frames by 6:45pm.
Klossa, the shipper/art handler should arrive by 7pm as he promised yesterday...

It's time for a coffee.

Update: Klossa has just called (7pm), he's in Barcelona... it looks like a late night.

Coffee and dinner.

Posted by Dennis at March 4, 2005 6:51 PM


Visually reminds me of a stack of shipped surfaces collected from the different parts of the galaxy.
Some suggest that the galaxy, or universe, is an emotion thing with some parts of that emotion producing what we call solid matter; other parts recording differently, some expressing beyond the senses. I do believe when the work gets up on the wall these wonderful specimens will offer a glimpse of this emotional--in state of 'being'.

Best, Dennis, for the show.

It's an ugly world down below, and yet, the Paratroopers of Hope are preparing to exit the vessel. As the target jump draws near, the crates bristle between Anticitpation and Confidence.
If VerMeer had known about Ab-Ex Film Noir, he would have painted this.


Hey Dennis,

Well they say bullfights are the only things that start on time in Spain, I guess one must budget for ma?ana (and embrace it!). Thoroughly enjoyed all your recent posts and pictures. The shippers left at midnight...of course, I know that spot so well. Your paintings look very vibrant and alive against the wood of the crates and the dark of the evening. I'm a little amazed you don't staple protective material over the exposed sides. You must say a little prayer! By the way if you want any stuff brought over in June that's in short supply there, don't be shy about sending a list to Hope the show is a great success. Buena suerte! Mark.

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