April 1, 2005

Nikon Down

No workie.

Crapped out. White screen,

about two years old
"lens error"
"system error"

gonna miss it.

Posted by Dennis at April 1, 2005 12:01 AM


walk to the edge of the sea, with this in your hand, when you arrive turn your back and toss it over your shoulder, in the future when there are no more jars of ancient pottery to tell past stories from the depths there will be this impossible object, a keeper of records long past and no longer seen keeping it's secret of the present, it's single eye blind >>


I just replaced my nikon with the new canon elf, 3x optical zoom, 4mpixel. I highly recomend it. It's so small that I wear it on my hip wherever I go. Very nice.

Greg: At a local pizzeria here, there's a touristy wall decoration that is a representation of all the archeological amphora that are found in the Mediterranean. It represents the ancients vesssels in their varying shapes and dimensions in scale. I can easily imagine a future Diderot (robot?) creating another such display for the consumer goods of our time.

Thanks for the suggestion for disposing of my failed Cyclops, but I snorkel there and I hate seeing trash down in the depths!

Chris: Thanks for the tip, I'm definitely looking for another portable walkabout camera to replace this one. Right now, I'm flying on one wing: my Olympus studio camera.


I feeel so sad for cameras that no longer talk. I own them. I protect them. I snap with a 6 mega-pixel that works raw 12 -- supposedly. Fuji. I'm happy but then I don't know.

Yeah, trash is always unsightly, anywhere, anytime
except when attached (perceived) as "art" then it has that wonder of wonder change-O-facto and suddenly gets a new label in the eye of the promoter, oh, "beauty" where have you been hiding with your garments so torn? And sealife seems to just love all those manmade reefs and sunken masses of steel that have joined them in the depths>> that camera looks "made" for such a fate,
oh well>>

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