April 2, 2005



(This is a screenshot of the great unsung John Boorman movie, Zardoz. A film as loved as much as it is mocked. By all means, see it for yourself and choose which side you're on.

I thought I had lost this and many other shots when my digital camera went nutty and swallowed them all up without a trace. And then one day, they inexplicably reappeared. And I took this as a sign to post them online.... on occasion. Someday, I'll post some kind of text and explicate... someday.)

Posted by Dennis at April 2, 2005 4:44 PM

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I remember sitting in a bean bag chair and watching Zardoz in our "Rec" room. So many things come to mind. First of all, the movie was being broadcast on the fifth station. There was ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and finally. . . some local outfit that was the source of all things Mysterious, Sublime, and Marx related (the Brothers that is). The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and black and white Warner Bros. Cartoons. Zardoz was my first taste, or appreciation, of the low-budget-and-thought-provoking-shaggy-dog story. It's a piece of work that I talk about as giving me my first "Holy shit. . . no way" experience. This experience opened "The Doors" to artists like James Turrell. Unlike magic tricks in which, when the tricks misdirection is revealed, the trick is ruined, Zardoz and a Turrell can be re-experienced and still remain thought provoking and marvelled at while shaking your head.

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