November 9, 2005


The major monstrous gotta-do's are dispatched and out of the way, we are in the house and I am in the studio. I can finally get some space to blog a bit, even though we don't have dsl yet... I can enjoy the hospitality of the local ChinaTown cafe ("Via Cafe")... and at home, I can act the pirate and steal a little of my neighbor's bandwidth if I huddle into the corner of my house.

I like pirates. The Humphry Bogart type.


So, welcome back all y'all regular readers of mine. Thanks for hanging around and checking in from time to time. The past month and a half has been pretty tough, and blogging was not an option.

For the newbies: I'm an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and Spain (Tossa de Mar)... 'nuff said for now (click here for a timeline). The archives will take you to the time when my wife Stephanie and I were living in Dallas (we were there for a year), our subsequent move to Catalunya and our recent return to LA. Thanks for tuning in.

The Comments are still out of commission for the meantime, that's alright by me. I don't miss the insidiously neccessary despamming chores. People chime in via email (the address is to your left in the margin), and that's been working out fine. The comment function will be restored soon enough, reliant as I am for the help of a good friend for this fix. I told him no worries, to do it as his own pace, and I meant it.

So, I'll lope along and blog when I can. I hope to have DSL up in a few weeks and then this blog will be cruising along at top speed.

Posted by Dennis at November 9, 2005 10:42 PM

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