April 3, 2006

Morning After

A day away from the studio, and this morning I walk in wondering if I will see with the same eyes as before.

OK. This, the distant view. A figure in a field, the third time around.

Mechanical reproduction flattens. We must struggle against it.

Try smultaneously combining this far view with a close one:



And of the day of taxes?

The weeds have been whacked back enough so that another evening later this week will do the trick.

Bureacracy. I have never liked it. It too, flattens.

I saw it first in my Navy days where I noticed the distinction between peacetime and wartime military service. I didn't like it in architecture school where the bureaucratic tendency constantly undermines the fine art of architecture. I don't like it in our art world, where it too, abounds.

I feel an essay emerging, but more on this later. I've got wood to chop.

Posted by Dennis at April 3, 2006 10:58 AM

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