October 20, 2006

Cirrus Monotypes

Here is a glimpse of a detail from one print of a group that numbers around 100 made at Cirrus Editions. I organized them by color and the formal arguments that compose them: blues, greens, reds, minimal, maximal... and a small remaining pile of golden yellow that I want to finish next week. We wait for dryness and then I'll come in afterwarrds to sign/number them all.

Monotypes for me are like painting but using the big German machine instead of a "brush". Here's a feel for the "brushwork" in action.

Jean Milant was preparing for the Armory Show, selecting and framing prints. I had finished ten of the monotypes early (before I left for Spain this summer) for this purpose. You can see one of Jason Meadows monotypes at the side. I heard that Jason was the kind of artist who would walk in and empty his pockets to burn a screen for the many colorful layers in his prints.

Talk about art material as that which is within easy reach.

I like the frames --flat, beveled, tight and blond.

(...must resist... the... inevitable... rim shot...)

There was a pile of cast offs from the work of Todd Hebert and Rueben Ochoa. I was cutting shards to mask out my monotypes and it was a strange feeling to chop away at the fine work of others, even if they were discards.

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