November 13, 2007


I'm back from New York, another whirlwind trip. Much has happened. I'm crunching fotos and jelling my head to relate the experience here in the blog.

Jelling. I'm a jeller.

True, I've been a bit introspective... quiet here in these webpages. When I'm in the crunch of painting, I tend not to chatter in the blog. Blogging (a.k.a. "writing") is a parallel art form, something I respect enough not to take for granted yet at the same time I recognize the need for chutzpah in any creative enterprise, especially in a new one.

I'm also thinking about blogging and the big news is of my recent agreement to write blogposts for the online art magazine Glasstire, "...contributing on a semi-regular basis...". This is a big decision for me. The commitment to write in a way that shifts even ever so slightly away from avocation to vocation (they are offering a paltry token modest small yet decent compensation for the task and so they can ask for something specific: some kind of account of life here in LA) is important to ponder. You see, Glasstire will be expanding next year their empire from an online magazine covering Texas art to an online magazine covering Texas and California art. The draft of a limited number of bloggers to their online magazine is part of this strategy.

In the meantime, I've spent most of my first day back wrapped up with support phone people, trying to make my iMovie '08 work in a new Mac Mini. I'm setting up a closed circuit movie making situation in the studio. I've bought a Sony Handicam and my intention is to capture butterflies of moments of conversation and crunch them into movies to share with you all in the blog and elsewhere. But so far, the featured program quits unexpectedly at startup, I can't get past the bouncing icon in the dock without the dreaded dialog box from popping up. I'm sure the solution is simple but so far, finding one isn't.

(foto: Joel Mesler in a golden moment at Rental NY)

Posted by Dennis at November 13, 2007 1:12 AM

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