August 19, 2008

A Walk to Codolar Cove

A side note: This video was the last moment of contact... well, here's how I recounted the story to a friend:

Recently, yesterday, I had the adventure of losing my keys in a snorkel dive in Codolar Cove. (!) They were in a small leather key bag, along with my bank debit card, my only means of getting cash from the bank machine. And I had recently made a withdrawal, so there was 200 euros in cash there too. (!) (!) (!) I had a swimsuit with pockets and I must have forgotten about the treasure. Kiko and I combed the sea bottom for hours afterward, completely worked out, sea soaked and sun drenched we were.


Either King Neptune has the booty ...or some lucky, lucky tourist.

The feeling of being so far away from one's anchored home with nothing but a swimsuit and swim gear! Wonderful, in funny, bracketed way. In short time, I was able to get another key from Kiko and into the house and cancel the card and further credit to my bank, they have sent a replacement via UPS to arrive perhaps tomorrow. Even though I have some money lent to me from Alberto, I put on my hat and when people ask me why I'm wearing it, I place it on the floor in front of them and I dance a funny dance to their laughter. Very amusing.

Fun, huh?

Now, the card has been cancelled, the locks will be changed soon and the 200 euros is a somewhere on the sea floor. Or so I'd like to imagine.

Posted by Dennis at August 19, 2008 6:09 AM

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