April 1, 2005


Ammar got a phone call and was told that he "should be very careful so as to avoid being used by external forces"...

I am not really that important. I am only a dissident, after all, and not a perceived business partner who refuses to play ball anymore. In fact, the whole point of insisting on leaving at this stage, despite assurances that I will be protected, is to be able to avoid getting classified as such. This is the most dangerous position of them all.

For when you are under patronage, you have to play by the rules. You cannot afford not to play by the rules. And since I cannot play by the rules? And since I cannot afford to pay the price for not playing by the rules... I might as well just leave the place where the rules apply, and go to where I can play by some other more acceptable and affordable rules.

Posted by Dennis at April 1, 2005 4:19 PM

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Hi Dennis :

After woodbury I went to cal-poly for grad school. now waiting for my state oral. all my architecture schooling and examing went pretty smooth except for jobs.. haha.

Currently I run a small one man show doing permits and prepare plans on the side. I do some design built small additions etc.... money is sparse but reward is great, the feeling of owning your own project.
well, you know i am into painting too ..
i think your work stayed pretty much the same isnt it, since echo park?? I like it at times , is like a gorky smashed into de kooning and sometime a bit giacomettish. nah you're more playful i think. there is a passion that needs to be taken into this consideration. passion is a madness. it drives us to be evil or saint.

anyhow i stop here now.. good luck and thank you for reading this again.

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